June 16, 2024

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Morgan Scientific and ZEPHYRx have partnered to advance respiratory care

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HAVERHILL, Mass., May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Morgan Scientific, an industry leader in PFT software that delivers advanced enterprise point-of-care solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with ZEPHYRx. The partnership brings ZEPHYRx’s respiratory platform together with Morgan Scientific’s ComPAS2 PFT software. This integration will enable healthcare providers to monitor their patient’s lung function at-home.

The expanded remote spirometry offering is powered by ZEPHYRx’s respiratory cloud platform and enables real-time PFT data collection from patients wherever they are – like from the comfort of home. Providers can coach patients through their tests using a live video feature to ensure quality results. With data points from both on-site and at-home, healthcare providers may obtain a better understanding of their patient’s lung health with historical trending, the ability to detect exacerbations, and be alerted when their patient’s lung function declines for faster intervention.   

“Our collaboration with ZEPHYRx brings together the best-in-class solutions for home spirometry data collection and enterprise level PFT software. This solution is ideal for patients who need routine monitoring like post-lung transplant, or for patients who have difficulty accessing healthcare. Customers are empowered to seamlessly and securely receive, review, trend, report, and access their patient’s home data in ComPAS2 and route it directly to their EMR – a truly state-of-the-art solution,” said Gareth P. Morgan, PhD, Morgan Scientific President.

ZEPHYRx, a digital health technology innovator specializing in decentralized respiratory monitoring solutions, is the partner of choice for Morgan Scientific to expand its offering. Home spirometry data is captured in real-time and accessible through the ZEPHYRx Provider Dashboard as well as the ComPAS2 PFT software, which is fully integrated with the top twenty EMRs.

“This initiative will eliminate data disparity between point-of-care and remote lung function testing and provide a 360-dregree view of the patient’s PFT history. We’re thrilled to partner with Morgan Scientific and are very excited to launch this offering to our customers,” said Michael DiCesare, ZEPHYRx President and Cofounder.

ZEPHYRx is a leading provider of cloud-based respiratory monitoring solutions for health systems and clinical research. The ZEPHYRx Respiratory Cloud Platform offers solutions for both point-of-care and remote lung function testing with all data captured in a single source of truth. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive platform for respiratory endpoints, delivering a seamless experience to our customers and their patients. zephyrx.com

About Morgan Scientific
Morgan Scientific is a pioneering leader in pulmonary function testing, dedicated to enhancing respiratory diagnostics and providing innovative solutions. With a rich history spanning 3 generations and over 40 years, Morgan Scientific develops cutting edge ComPAS2 PFT software and Vitalograph-Morgan PFT hardware to empower clinicians with unmatched accuracy, seamless integration and data management, and real-time insights. www.morgansci.com

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