June 16, 2024

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Updates in artificial intelligence in gastroenterology endoscopy in 2020

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Dr Prateek Sharma
Dr Prateek Sharma

Dr Sharma has been at the forefront and a pioneer in improving the diagnosis and management of GI diseases and cancer, specifically GERD, Barrett’s esophagus, advanced imagi LESS

Background: Gastroenterology involves studying the digestive system and its diseases. Endoscopy is a procedure where a doctor uses a flexible tube with a camera to examine the digestive tract. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of technology that helps machines learn and make decisions without human involvement. In medicine, AI is being used to help doctors analyze a large number of medical images quickly and accurately.

Summary: This review focuses on how AI, a type of technology that helps machines learn, has been used in gastroenterology (GI) endoscopy recently.

The review highlights several advancements in AI for GI endoscopy in the past year. For colonoscopies, computer-aided detection (CADe) systems have increased the detection rate of abnormal growths without making the procedure longer. In addition, deep learning techniques have been used to accurately assess the cleanliness of the bowel before a colonoscopy, which can affect recommendations for future check-up procedures.

In the upper digestive tract, CADe systems have been created to help doctors better diagnose a condition called Barrett’s neoplasia during endoscopy. AI-assisted real-time endoscopy has also been found to reduce blind spots during examinations of the upper digestive system.

Overall, the use of AI in GI endoscopy shows a lot of promise. The advancements in the past year include better detection of abnormal growths in the digestive tract and understanding the characteristics of lesions. However, more research, including studies involving multiple medical centers and random patient selections, is necessary to fully understand and confirm the benefits of using AI for real-time endoscopy.

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