June 16, 2024

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The pros and cons of artificial intelligence in endoscopy

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Dr Prateek Sharma
Dr Prateek Sharma

Dr Sharma has been at the forefront and a pioneer in improving the diagnosis and management of GI diseases and cancer, specifically GERD, Barrett’s esophagus, advanced imagi LESS

Gastroenterologists, doctors who specialize in digestive system health, have been exploring the potential of using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve patient care. AI technology has shown promise in helping doctors make better decisions and enhance medical procedures. However, integrating AI into the day-to-day practice of medicine is a challenge. It’s not yet certain if using AI will definitely lead to improved outcomes for patients, doctors, and the healthcare system as a whole.

When new medical techniques or technologies are introduced, they can have both positive and negative effects. It’s crucial not to become overly excited about AI without considering its potential drawbacks. As with any innovation, it’s important to carefully evaluate both its benefits and possible downsides.

The focus of this discussion is on the use of AI specifically in endoscopy, a medical procedure used by gastroenterologists to examine the digestive tract. Endoscopy has been one of the areas where AI implementation has made significant progress within gastroenterology.

The goal here is to provide a fair and balanced perspective on what we can anticipate from using AI in endoscopy. The aim is to understand how AI might impact this specific medical procedure. By examining both the advantages and potential disadvantages, healthcare professionals hope to make informed decisions about incorporating AI into endoscopic practices. Ultimately, the objective is to ensure that AI is utilized in a way that truly benefits patients and contributes positively to healthcare practices in gastroenterology.

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